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Security Installers
Physical barriers to your property
Creating a constant & physical barrier to your property
We install a wide range of automated gates and
barriers that create a constant physical barrier|
to your business.
Internal & external security from GCD Security
We install proven physical security systems that help stop un-authorised access to your property
Many businesses up and down the country regularly have cars parked in their spaces that shouldn't be as well as having people trying to obtain access to your property when not needed.

At GCD Security we have a wealth of experience in the installation of a wide range of automatic gates and barriers that help to create a constant physical barrier and keep un-authorised access out. For more information about the range of systems that we install, contact our specialists today who will happily assist you in your enquiry.
The installation of a automated gate/ barrier can help to :
Security Shutters Maidenhead
Increase privacy on your property
Privacy is important to any home or business. Our systems help to ensure this form you.
Security Shutters Maidenhead
Significantly reduce un-authorised access
Our systems will help to significantly reduce un-authorised access to your property - Speak with us to find out more.
Security Shutters Maidenhead
Increase safety on your premises
Our barriers will help keep out anything that could be considered a threat to your business.
Security Shutters Maidenhead
Security Shutters Maidenhead
We install, service and maintain a wide range of security shutters, gates and barriers such as this example.
Security Shutters Maidenhead
Professionally installed
Each of our gates and barriers is professionally installed to the highest of standards
With every system that is installed, our engineers will make sure that it is installed, services and maintained to the highest of British Standards. This here is why we have obtained such as high level of recommendation from businesses and home owners in the local area.

If you would like to know more about the type of systems we install as well as our maintenance packages, please get in touch with our team today who will happily assist you in your enquiry.
Approved & trusted
We are approved & trusted for our services
Each of our engineers go through a thorough training program to ensure they understand how to install each system to the highest of standards.

We are approved and trusted for our services and have gained many accreditations over the years for our attention to detail when installing each system. If you would like to know more about what we are approved to install and service, please get in touch with our team today.
What our team install and maintain
We offer a full range of internal & external physical protection. Grilles, shutters, automated gates and industrial doors are an excellent visual deterrent & can be fitted to your home or office as a deterrent against burglary; these are best fitted to vulnerable
points on your property particularly downstairs & at the rear of the property.
Looking for an automatic gate or barrier?
For more information about the different types of gates and barriers we can install, please get in touch with us today.
Call our friendly team on 01628 902 123
Unsure which systems you require? We can offer free, expert advice.
Speak to our expert team
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