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Locks, Padlock and Chain

GCD Security Locksmiths have an unrivalled knowledge of & access to, a wide range of locks.
Locks have been around for over 4000 years & have been developed & improved by some great locksmiths who
have become household names without even trying!

Security Shutters Maidenhead  

Locks, packlock and chain, to give you the confidence that your property is secure.

Our own engineers have between them some 60 years experience of identifying the type of lock most suited to a particular application. They are also able to source a replacement for your damaged lock or offer an alternative should yours be obsolete.

Adequately locked doors and windows provide the first line of defence for your premises and we can offer a wide range of door and window locks available for both wood, metal construction & composite doors such as UPVC.

It is recommended that all entrance doors are fitted with a mortice lock. mortice locks provide greater front, side, and back door security by being "morticed" into the door itself. A mortice lock is therefore less vulnerable to ram or forced attack than a surface mounted lock. We fit mortice locks that are certified to BS 3621 and which can be identified by the British Standards kitemark symbol.

We stock Lock manufacturers such as; Bramah, Union, Legge, Asec, Willenhall, Lowe & Fletcher, Era, Cisa, Briton, Ingersoll, Evva, Wellington, Adams-Rite.

A range of padlocks are available to suit a wide variety of applications. The effectiveness of the padlock is not only dependent upon the sophistication of its locking mechanism but also upon the quality of its padbar. It is not much use having the most robust padlock if the padbar to which it is shackled is easily levered or if the gatepost or door to which it is fixed is rotten or in need of repair and attention. We stock Padlocks from suppliers such as Kasp, Abus, Burg Wachter, Masterlock, Abloy, Chubb, Ingersol, Squire, Asec, Cisa, Evva & Era.
Security Shutters Maidenhead
Maidenhead Security Shutters
Grilles, Security and Gates
We can supply and install automated gates, grilles and other security systems which will protect your property from intruders. We can also automate existing gates and install intercom systems.
Security shutters Maidenhead
With easy to use gates, shutters and other pysical security systems we offer a full installation service on almost all of our products. Our fully trained engineers have years of experience in installing.
Security Shutters Maidenhead
Case Studies
With simple to use menu navigation, multiple ways to arm and simple installation with no need for wires, a wireless alarm system can be the perfect solution to protecting your home without hassle.


Want to learn more about protecting your home? Contact the experts at GCD Security today or simply click here >





  See our new Key Cutting machine
Here at the Security Centre we have recently purchased a new Triax Quattro key cutting machine.

This state-of-the-art key cutting machine allows us to quickly and accurately cut laser and dimple keys. Fast and silent, this Triax lets our expert key cutters produce keys for the latest systems.

We've recently bought this Silca Triax Quattro as it gives us the technological edge to accurately produce duplicates of complex keys. The inherent quality and precision of the Triax Quattro lets us cut even the most complication laser and dimple keys.

As well as cutting keys, our new Triax Quattro machine is ideal for engraving keys, key-rings and small medals.

Locksmith Windsor
The keys that can be cut with the new Silca Triax Quattro
Locksmith Windsor
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